Dressmaker’s Jacket- First Class: Fitting and Pattern Alterations


For the Dressmaker’s Jacket class (and with most other garment classes at Nancy’s), Jacque has made up all the different sizes of the pattern, so that the students in class can try on all the sizes and see which will work best for their measurements.  Pretty handy!  Then, with an impeccable eye for fit, she pins the jacket to each individual- marking the alterations that need to be made to the pattern.  You can see in the image above that I’ll be taking a wedge out of the back and altering the princess line a tad on the front to fall in a more flattering way.  We’re also shortening the sleeves a bit.  Since this is a vintage pattern, it runs a little smaller than most modern patterns do, and thus I’ll be making a size larger than I normally would.  Some features of this particular pattern are functional sleeve vents, a two-piece sleeve, collar stand, princess seams, minimal shoulder pads, and a bagged lining. 


The next step is to make the necessary alterations to our patterns.  It’s great to have a pattern that’s personalized to your body, because hardly any of us fit perfectly into a pattern right out of the envelope!  I’ll be doing my sewing “homework” during the week, which consists of cutting the pattern out and fusing interfacing to certain areas for reinforcement.  After consulting with Jacque, I decided on the sapphire blue wool, with a beautiful paisley lining in a matching tone.  I’ve got my eye on some iridescent blue buttons to finish the jacket off…


One response to “Dressmaker’s Jacket- First Class: Fitting and Pattern Alterations

  1. My Sewing Suite

    I have taken Jackie’s Coco jacket class and learned many tips and techniques. I love that you can try on the pattern and she adjusts, along with showing you how to transfer that to your paper pattern.
    I can’t wait to see your gorgeous wool.

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