Dressmaker’s Jacket- Second Class: Construction, Ease, and Fit


In the second class, we dove right into construction techniques!  Jacque had some great ways to put our jackets together- and an order of operations that really made it a streamlined process.  We sewed samples of a few different techniques that she showed us in class (which is great way to remind yourself, when you’re scratching your head at home, and trying to recall exactly how that thing worked so flawlessly earlier…).  Here is an image of a crimped edge, which is a great way to ease the lining of the bust curve into the garment.  DSCF0027Below is a finished example of the jacket we are all making- and as you can see, there are some fun ways to insert a little personality into your garment.  The piping in a a complimentary color serves as a decorative and functional detail between the lining and the outer fabric.

DSCF0028We learned some fail-safe ways of attaching our collars to our collarstands, about the different types of interfacings that might be appropriate for which parts of the garment, and even a fantastic method for getting the lapel to roll at the right place!  All fascinating stuff- and things that will make our jackets so much more professional-looking when they’re finished.

DSCF0029One of our classmates had made up a beautiful muslin after her alterations, and got additional help with fitting after our techniques section was finished.  Since this jacket is so close to the body, and has so many pieces involved, getting a good fit is critical to how polished the final garment will look.DSCF0034

DSCF0035This weeks homework involves partially constructing both our linings/facings and our outer layers, so that next week we can get into the tricky part of attaching the two!


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