Pencil Skirt, Second Class: Zippers, Perfect Underlaps, and Mitered Waistband Laps…

The second pencil skirt class was fun. Seeing the fabric choices made by the other students was inspiring, as usual. I like how the same garment can look completely different with just a different fiber or color choice.

We learned how to do a VERY quick and accurate zipper. Also, a mitered waistband closure and underlap that was worth taking the whole class for. I’ve never been happy with certain fabrics being just too bulky around that area…..this solves it!DSCF0110

I’ve chosen a shiny denim that must have some nylon in it (origins unknown!). I plan on making many others, so this is only the beginning. I want to do the mitered waistband lap, a vent versus a slit, and a fun lining so I can practice those things.DSCF0108

I also wanted to note that for a first version, it makes sense to choose a fabric that has no stretch at all. So, if you ever fluctuate in weight, you have an exact “muslin” to make changes from. DSCF0104


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