Easy Gift Bag tutorial


Now that the Super Bowl is over, we’re looking forward to the Academy Awards and the parties that go with it! Inspired by the idea of red carpet fashion and a beautiful bottle of wine, we have made up our Easy Gift Bag pattern in an elegant organza and gold ribbon, which we think would make a fabulous hostess gift for an Oscars party. Follow this tutorial to make one of your very own! SUPPLIES

  • Fabric, cut to 12.5″ wide x 20″ tall (for directional prints, ensure you cut fabric so the vertical measurement is 20″)
  • Ribbon, 7/8 yd

INSTRUCTIONS **We designed this bag to be serged, though it can easily be sewn on a standard sewing machine. If you don’t have a serger, we recommend pinking all edges before you start and sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance. 1. To begin, pink one 12.5″ edge of fabric, trimming as little as possible. 1. pinked 12.5 edge 2. Fold ribbon in half. On one 20″ side of fabric, pin center of ribbon fold to fabric edge 9″ from pinked edge. 2. pin ribbon fold to raw edge 3. Fold fabric right sides together lengthwise, matching long edges. Pin in place, if you prefer. 3. fold in half lengthwise 4. With fabric folded, measure 4.5″ from pinked edges. 4a. measure 4.5 long edge Fold at this point. 4b. fold at 4.5 down Pin in place, if you like. 4c. pin if you like Serge long edge, catching all seam allowances and ribbon. Be sure to remove any pins as you surge! 4d. serge long edge 5. Flip top cuff right side out and refold with serged seam down the center of the bag. At the bottom of the bag, mark the following: measure in 1″ from each folded edge; this is point B. Measure in 1″ inch from B, mark as C. Original folded edge is A. Folding at B, invert folded edge A and match to C. 5. mark A B C 5. sketch crop Repeat on both sides. 5c. repeat both sides Serge across bottom edge. 5d. serge across bottom 6. Turn your bag right side out and admire the beautiful finished square seam along the bottom! 6. admire square seam bottom 7. Insert favorite bottle of wine and tie a bow. You’re all set to gift! Easy Gift Bag Enjoy!

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