Soothing Eye Mask tutorial and FREE PATTERN


Are you looking for a last-minute gift to make for your valentine? Look no further than this easy eye mask! Our latest free pattern is perfect to make as a last minute gift for friends and lovers alike.

Filled with flax seed, our soothing eye mask can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer for use in hot and cold therapy. Mix in dried lavender for added aromatherapy benefits!


  • 1/8yd fashion fabric
  • 1/8yd lining fabric (recommend 100% cotton flannel or soft knit); can use the same fabric for lining and fashion choices
  • 1-1/4yds ribbon for strap (recommend 3/4” wide); can also use two different ribbons at 5/8yd each
  • 1/2yd elastic (recommend 1/4″ wide)
  • 1 cup (approximately) flax seed


1. Download our free Soothing Eye Mask pattern. Print on letter sized paper.

2. Cut 1 each fashion and lining fabrics (if using same fabric, cut 2). Mark notches and lines.
2 cut pieces

3. If embellishing eye mask, do so now.
Inspired by Holly Golightly’s famous sleep mask and in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, for this tutorial we chose to decorate the fashion side of our mask. For our flirtatious design, we used black feathers for eyelashes and cut a simple heart out of red wool/rayon felt. We played around with layout; once finalized, we tacked the feathers down and then added the heart.
3b tack feathers

4. Make the head strap.
If using one kind of ribbon, cut into two 5/8yd lengths. Stack ribbons wrong sides together (if using two different widths of ribbon, center top ribbon over bottom ribbon) and pin in place.
4a stack and pin ribbons
Sew down one side of ribbon stack, at least 1/8” from edge. Repeat on other side.
4b sew ribbons together
Using a small safety pin, string elastic through casing.
4c string elastic
Adjust for head size and sew in place on edges (I had 2” overhang on either end and used a 1/8” seam allowance to hold in place).
4d two inches

5. Attach strap to fashion side of eye mask.
With right sides together, center the ribbon over marked line on eye mask front, aligning raw edges. Pin in place and sew using 1/8” seam allowance.
5 attach strap to front

6. Sew lining to eye mask front.
Lay eye mask lining over fashion piece and strap, right sides together. Pin in place. Sew together using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving open between notches along top.
6a sew lining to face
If you prefer, reinforce seam along bottom between 1/8” and 1/4″ from edge.
Clip curves along bottom of eye mask.
6b clip curves

7. Press seams and turn right side out.
Through opening at top, fill eye mask with flax seed as much as you like. I made a funnel out of paper and tape.
7 fill with flax seed

8. Hand sew the top opening closed.
8 hand sew closed

Voila! Soothing eye mask – ready to use!

Top eye mask: made with Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn-Dye linen/cotton, lined with 100% organic cotton flannel, wool/rayon felt heart, feather trim, and ribbon from the Nancy’s Ribbon Room. Lower eye mask: made from new Moda 100% cotton toweling in Vintage Floral print, lined with 100% organic cotton flannel, and vintage ribbons from the Ribbon Room.


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