Easy, elegant infinity scarf tutorial

It is hard to believe that there are only eight weeks left in 2015! In preparation of the holidays, we have planned several great tutorials for quick gifts and holiday cheer.

Today, we’re kicking off the how-to series with a fast and fun project that is perfect as a gift or as an addition to one’s own wardrobe!

Now that autumn is truly underway in Seattle, we are starting to break out our cold-weather accessories. One of our favorites is the easy-to-wear infinity scarf. And did you know? They are incredibly simple and quick to make!

NSB - infinity scarf header

Whether you are in the market for a scarf that is super casual or perfectly elegant, this pattern is a great place to start. This pattern looks awesome in novelty knits, cozy in flannel, fabulous in faux fur, and magnificent in velvet!

This project takes about 30 minutes to complete and the finished product is so satisfying!


  • Fabric*
    • One or two 2/3 yard cuts of 44” wide fabric
    • One 2/3 yard cut of 60” wide fabric
  • Thread to match

*If you are making your scarf with 60” wide fabric, it will comfortably loop twice. If you use one length of 44″ wide fabric your scarf will not wrap, but if your scarf is made with two lengths of 44” wide fabric your scarf will loop three times! If you use two lengths of 44” wide fabric, consider using two different colors, prints, or even fabric qualities for additional appeal. I think combining burnout velvet and silk charmeuse in coordinating colors would be amazing.


  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Needle for hand sewing


1. If using two 24″ lengths of 44” wide fabric: layer the two pieces right sides together, sew together along one 24” edge using a ½” seam allowance. Press seam open.

No preparation is needed if using a single length of fabric.

NSB - infinity scarf fabric

For this tutorial, I selected a cool, 60″ wide novelty knit: two-color french terry with holes in varying sizes. Though the ‘right side’ of this quality is the darker side, I oped to use the terry-loop side as the face.

2. Fold fabric lengthwise, right sides together. Mark 4” in from both ends.

NSB - inf sc mark 4 inches

Stitch between two marks using a ½” seam allowance. Iron seam.

NSB - inf sc sew lengthNSB - inf sc length stitched

3. Turn the tube right side out.

NSB - inf sc turn right side out

Matching right sides together, stitch across the short ends. Press seam open.

NSB - inf sc sew short ends

**Optional** If you like the look of a Möbius scarf, add a twist or two to the length of the scarf before stitching the short ends together. This looks especially nice if using a single length of 44” wide fabric.

4. Hand stitch the remaining opening closed and turn the seam to the inside of the scarf.

NSB - inf sc hand sew closedNSB - inf sc turn seam to inside

5. Your scarf is complete! Put it on and get cozy!

NSB - infinity scarf completed

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