Jacque Goldsmith Classes

PLEASE NOTE: These are all of the classes that Jacque teaches; during a given session, we will offer a selection of the following.

Absolute Beginning Construction sewing class

Learn the ABCs of sewing on a machine, using basic tools and stitches.  Each week you will take home a fully constructed project of your own making.  We provide all the materials for the first two projects, you choose your fabrics for the second two!


FIT Clinic

Join Jacque for a four session FIT intensive!  At each session, you will learn the key ingredients to a perfect fit, including the importance of proper body measurements, pattern adjustments, and working with a muslin.


Bring in a current pattern and produce the perfect fit!


Freeform Sewing Clinic

For those who have a basic working knowledge of sewing.


Bring in and work on your own projects while getting help from a professional.  Jacque will help you work through problem areas, giving you fitting advice, tips of the trade, and shortcut ideas, so you can create a professional looking product.


FOCUS classes

Not all fabrics are created equal!


Come learn the specifics of working with some of your favorite textiles. From pressing wools to shaping silks, you’ll get great tips and tricks you won’t soon forget!



tLearn how to make a coat that never goes out of style! You will learn to sew the special features of a double breasted trench coat, fully lined, including yoke flaps, button bands on the cuff, epaulettes, back vent, belt and buckle, a collar with a tab and different pocket treatments.

We will provide you with Mc Calls 5525, which you can use to sew along at home as you practice new techniques on samples in class.



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  2. What are the projects in the Absolute Beginning Construction Class?

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